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Adiba Osmani

Adiba Osmani


The way forward, is through

Living well, in harmony with ourselves, our values and sense of things, is the work of a lifetime. I help you through this journey of constant discovery, helping to navigate the hardships, being present for the joy, and finding contentment through your experience. 
When we find ourselves in a place we never wanted to be, or caught in patterns we can’t seem to shift… when we can’t seem to make things work or wonder why things keep going against us… I believe we have the capacity to make shifts in ourselves which will then reflect back on us through our life experience. 

Issues I can help with

Stress    I    Anxiety    I    Depression    I    Addiction    I    Relationships     

Grief    I    Navigating difficult emotions    I    Meaning

What my clients say

My approach

My intention is to meet yours, and I do this by helping you feel, sense, say and realise whatever you need to, in a space of safety and compassion. I am an integrative therapist, and my work is informed in particular by Dr Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry, and Michael Brown’s Presence Process. The work we do is based on your experience in the here and now. I believe the answers to many of our issues reside within ourselves.

About me

I am a counsellor, a meditation guide and founder of wellbeing company Inhere. Based in London I work with clients around the world on a wide variety of issues. I studied philosophy at Oxford University, and psychology through my meditation and counselling training. I believe in our innate capacity to work through our issues and find a sense of peace.

M.A Oxon, Politics, Philosophy, Economics (Oxford University)

Meditation Guide (IPHM)

Counsellor (ACCHP)

Talk to me

I offer a free 15 minute call so that you can get a sense of my approach, and for me to be able to confirm whether I can help.

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